DeltaOne Digital Asia was established in Singapore 2023 and with a presence in London to pursue a unique opportunity.  To deploy a state-of-the-art trading platform, including blockchain and web3 technologies, and leverage it for a wide variety of traditional financial and digital assets to optimise the efficiencies of the trade life-cycle from execution, through collateral and settlement to TCA - especially the fastest growing sectors in financial markets (tokenised financial products).

DeltaOne Digital has the knowledge, experience, relationships and vision to expand the technology under precise regulatory licenses, and disrupt the existing dependency of financial services on traditional legacy technologies and processes.

Our management team have over 75 years experience with capital and derivatives markets, including trading and technology development, as well as recent involvement with innovative blockchain and digital asset markets.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or blockchain, and the tokenisation of financial and real world assets, has the potential to unleash the biggest disruption to established financial mechanisms and global transaction processing.

Established entities that are currently enjoying excess returns through the provision of centralised financial services are at risk of becoming obsolete. Business models will need to change as the role of intermediaries evaporate.

Disruption = Opportunity

This unparalleled level of disruption has created a vast opportunity for the "new way" of providing regulated financial services, built around technology (Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data and AI) combined with experience and vision.

Technology, data and regulation are at the core of our business philosophy, providing the fabric for innovation.